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Gardening supplies

Growing medium

Farms by Grace has a large selection of growing supplies for your traditional garden or for use in the state of the art growing system, Tower Garden.

Grodan® Stonewool Starter Plugs are designed for seed and cutting propagation prior to transplanting into larger stonewool growing blocks. 

These Stonewool Starter Plugs come bundled as a sheet that fits a standard 

10″ W x 20″ L flat.  

Sheet of 98: 

$12.00 plus tax

Seedling tray


$2.00 + tax

Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator

Dechlorinate Your Hydroponic Garden
The Green Knight, a non-cartridge Hydroponic Dechlorinator, is designed to reduce Free Available Chlorine (FAC) in tap water when filling hydroponic nutrient tanks. Depending on the pH of the water it may also reduce chloramine compounds. The Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator is now molded in white UV resistant polypropylene. The Green Cap which distinguishes it from the Gard’n Gro is polypropylene plastic. The Green Knight has been engineered to reduce water flow to 2 GPM. This is to maximize water contact time with the media.

  • Removes 85% – 90% of Free Available Chlorine (FAC)
  • Reduces chloramine 50% – 60% in pH balanced water (low seven range)
  • 30,000 gallon or more capacity (based on water quality and usage)
  • 2 lbs of KDF®-55 atomized brass (redox material)
  • 2 oz of energized Rainshow’r Crystal to reduce water cluster size
  • 0.6 oz (approximately 1800 linear feet of surface area) of KDF formula 73 brass filament for destabilizing the bond between chlorine and ammonia
  • Combo Brochure Available with Gardn’ Gro and Green Knight
  • Unique hose saver included for hose protection and easy installation
Operating Parameters
  • Recommended flow rate: 2 gpm
  • Temperature range: 40 F to 110 F
  • Max pressure: 100 psi

$75.00 plus tax

Cord Connect

Watertight Cord Lock!

Cord Connect™Eliminates disruptive disconnects while professionals or do-it-yourselfers work with extension cords or power tools

The latest version of the breakthrough Cord Connect cord lock features a “clamshell” design that enables you to simply close the Cord Connect around each end of the cord, and then twist to lock the cords together. The tapered ends will ensure the Cord Connect pulls smoothly without getting caught.

The connection is now also Certified as water tight. A new gasket withstands jet nozzle sprays, drip box tests and prevents water from reaching the electrical connection. The gasket, kept in place with the Cord Connect, provides the most economical weather protection product available. It is certified to a watertight rating of IPX1-IPX5.

The easy to handle design allows workers wearing heavy gloves to disconnect and to connect easily.

The Cord Connect:

  • locks cords together
  • features tapered ends
  • snaps on/off
  • features a watertight gasket
  • is UV protected
  • is made of durable all weather plastic
  • is very inexpensive
  • $4.00 + tax

Hydor Theo 200 Watt Aquarium Heater is a fully submersible, shatter-proof  glass aquarium heater.

  • Maximum security: THEO is shock resistant thanks to the PTC heating element and the shatterproof glass tube
  • Free positioning in aquarium with supplied suction cups
  • Self-limiting: the patented PTC heating system guarantees operation in complete safety because in case of dry running there is no danger for damage
  • Temperature range: 70-94 degrees Fahrenheit
  • $23.95+tax

Botanical Insecticide, Miticide, and Nematicide

AzaMax is a natural product with a broad spectrum of pest control and broad plant applications. AzaMax is made from special Azadirachtin Technical extracted using patented extraction technology from Neem, a tree known for it's innumerable benefits. AzaMax contains Azadirachtin A&B as active ingredients and more than 100 limonoids from it's special technology. The special feature of AzaMax is that it does not use hard chemical solvents and uses food grade formulation ingredients. AzaMax is licensed in all 50 states.

AzaMax is an antifeedant and insect growth regulator and controls pests through starvation and growth disruption. AzaMax effectively controls spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners, worms, beetles, leafhoppers, scales, mealy bugs, nematodes and other soil borne pests. Best of all, AzaMax can be applied up to the time or day of harvest. The product is exempted from residue tolerance, thus there is no harmful residue on veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers etc. Truly, AzaMax is a product of Nature in tune with Technology.  $28.00 + tax

Grow lights

HydroFarm® Jump Start Grow Light Stand System

The HydroFarm® Jump Start Grow Light Stand System(4 feet wide) is great for growing seedlings, cuttings, flowers and houseplants. This grow light system can be used indoors or outdoors to provide your plants with ideal light for rapid growth. The system includes the stand, fluorescent light fixture and 1 full spectrum AgroBrite fluorescent tube.  


Heat matt

HydroFarm® Seedling Heat Mat

Jump start your seeds! HydroFarm® Seedling Heat Mats(48″ x 20″) gently warm the root area 10-20° F over ambient temperature to improve seed germination and increase success of seedlings and cuttings. These mats feature waterproof construction 

and a 6′ power cord. 


furniture dolly
This mini moving dolly saves your back when transporting heavy boxes, moving furniture or handling other big items up to 1,000 lbs.! Carpeted surfaces protect finishes on your items. Features include non-marring, hard-rubber swivel casters 
and a heavy-duty hardwood frame for added durability.
  • 1000 lb. weight capacity
  • Hardwood frame
  • Carpeted surfaces
  • 3″ hard-rubber swivel casters


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